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July's Feature Pet

I rescued Jackson in January 2013 when he was about 4 months old. 
Shortly afterwards he broke his leg and was in a cast for 8 weeks. His leg still hasn't healed quite right and he will have a surgery this summer to correct it. However, he doesn't let that slow him down! He loves to run, jump
and play with his toys. 

His favorite thing to do is take all of his toys out of the basket 
and pile them up in the middle of the living room. 
He also loves to snuggle and bury himself under the covers in the bed. 
His best friend is my mom's dog Izzy, who he follows everywhere she goes. 
He really is a sweet dog and I'm so happy to have him!

Written by Jackson's mom... Michelle Houghton-Cohen

Jackson is the newest member of my "Lunch Bunch Pack", 
he is so adorable and such a joy to be with!!!   ~ Cindy


Hello, my name is Cindy Karas
Welcome to Wake Forest Pet Sitting!
"Passion is a strange thing;
it's a deep powerful,
almost overwhelming emotion that overcomes you.
You can't hide it or even dismiss it"
I have over 30 years of experience caring for animals and my personal dogs are always rescues...
Dogs are my HEART!
I love what I do and I am always inspired by different breeds and personalities.
I started pet sitting part time years ago because I LOVE animals & enjoy being with them. 
I left the corporate world and now care for pets full time.
I have always had a great energy with animals so pet sitting is a perfect fit!
I believe that our pets needs are of the utmost importance. I am committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.
Your pets will be taken care of in the comfort of their own home & all of their needs will be attended to. I am available for your pet to give the love & care when you can’t be home!
I reside in Chauncey Subdivision in Wake Forest with my husband and our "Rat Pack"...
Buddy, Willie & Ginny! 
I look forward to hearing from you,
Please schedule a time to have your pet interview me!.
Thank you,
Why should I use a Pet Sitter and not board my pet?
Psychological research shows that animals are most comfortable in a familiar environment. Many veterinarians recommend that pets stay at home when their owners are away so that they maintain their regular diet, which avoids digestive problems, and sleep and play in their accustomed places, with familiar smells and sights. In addition, there's no risk of acquiring diseases or parasites from other animals in a kennel.
Advantages for you and your pet...
  • Reduced Stress – Your pet remains in its own familiar, secure setting.
  • Diet and Exercise –A normal diet and routine are followed. Daily walks are part of our service. Exercise serves as a mischief deterrent and is good for your dogs health. It is also and important way to alleviate separation anxiety.
  • No Travel Trauma – Traveling to a family member or friends house, or to a boarding facility may upset your pet.
  • Health and Well-being – Less exposure to illness of other animals when your pet stays in its own environment.
  • Loving Care – Your pet receives personalized attention and love while you are away.
  • Benefits for Your Convenience – You won’t need to spend time transporting your pet to and from another location.
  • Peace of Mind – You can enjoy time away from home knowing your pet is being cared for by a professional who will put your pets needs first.
  • Security –We alter lights, close blinds, take in your newspapers and mail, and show a presence at your residence to give your home that “lived in” look. 
Take a look at MY Pack!
Willie, Buddy and Virginia...
  • Willie (my alpha dog) is a
14 yr old Rat Terrier  adopted from Franklin County Rescue at PetSmart in Wake Forest
  •  Buddy is a 9 yr old Rat/Jack Mix adopted from 2nd Chance Adoption in Cary, NC
  • Virginia is a 5 yr old Rat/Mini Pinscher adopted from The Columbus Humane Society in Wilmington, NC
The Three Amigos !!!

The sweetest dog EVER!
14 yrs young!   
Rat Terrier   


"Buddy" Our 
9 years young! Rat /Jack Russell

"Virginia" a/k/a/ "Ginny Our Tomboy!
5 years young!
Rat Terrier/Mini Pin

"Ben" My Heart!
   Ben's favorite girl, "Miss Bunny"
Lost to Ataxia in 2005
3 1/2 years Young 
   Jack Russell Terrier
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